Pretribe: The birth of Zoot, the Locos, and Power and Chaos (Part 2)

A complication:  Trudy

In Martin¹s class was a girl called Trudy and Martin fell in love with her. He had a crush and would pass Trudy messages in class asking her out.

Martin may have set his heart on Trudy but she had set her own heart on Bray…

The fact Trudy kept ignoring Martin¹s constant requests for a date started to annoy Martin ­ especially when he began to realize this was due to Trudy¹s affection for Bray.

This increased Martin¹s jealousy and resentment of Bray  especially when Trudy started to go out with Bray. Martin felt double-despair  that the girl he loved did not love him, and that his own brother was the one who ³stole² Trudy from Martin.

Complication #2  Ebony

A new girl in class, Ebony, had set her own heart on Bray. Ebony deliberately dropped a note from Martin to Trudy so that Bray could read it. Bray realised in the note how much Trudy meant to Martin  and Bray was attracted to Ebony too.

Bray thought it better if Trudy was to go out with Martin, and Bray would go out with Ebony, who started to entice and captivate Bray.

So Martin finally went out with Trudy and she became his girlfriend, and Ebony finally had her man, Bray.

But Trudy still loved Bray and Martin knew it. He felt he was nothing but ³second best² for Trudy and that if she had her chance, she would still go out with Bray instead. This fed the flames of Martin¹s jealousy of Bray and increased his anger at the way things were going for him.

The virus and death in the family

As the virus spread to the adult population, the first casualties fell and the realisation grew that in the long run, all adults would be affected by it. This created panic and great anxiety in society. Everybody was affected by this situation.

Bray and Martin¹s parents were some of the first to fall ill under the virus and they eventually succumbed to it and died. Bray and Martin were totally distraught at what happened.

Bray had the strength of character to survive himself after the terrible loss of his parents.

But for Martin, this was one horrible blow too much. The loss of his parents, their love and the stable family environment he had known was a crashing hammer for Martin.

He became angry and started to hate. He hated the death of his parents and he felt it was so unfair they should be one of the first adults to goŠ