Pretribe: The birth of Zoot, the Locos, and Power and Chaos (Part 1)

Knowing a person¹s past makes understanding their behavior that much easier” Daniel James (ZOOT)

How did Zoot become Zoot? How were the Locos founded, and why did Zoot call for ³power and chaos²?

Viewers who have seen episode 59-60 of the Tribe (Series 2) will know some of the reasons as this episode is about the back-story of how Zoot, Bray, Trudy and Ebony lived before the virus changed the world forever.

Zoot, the Locos and their creed of ³power and chaos² constantly threaten the Mall Rats¹ dream of a peaceful new world and future, as does the Chosen in Series 2, who seek to make real Zoot¹s own vision of ³power and chaos² and worship Zoot.

This article in Pre-Tribe examines the origins of Zoot, the Locos and ³Power and Chaos² in episode 59-60 of the Tribe (Series 2) and the key factors like the jealousy of Bray, rivalry over the love of Trudy and the spread of the virus that transformed an ordinary boy called Martin into ZootŠ

What do you think? We have a special vote at the end of part 3 of this article and would love to know what you think was the key factor that drove Martin over the edge and transformed him into Zoot?

Before Zoot  Martin

Martin was the youngest child in his family and looked up to his elder brother, Bray, but in his life up until the virus appeared, Martin bore few signs that he would later turn into Zoot.

Unlike Zoot, Martin was kind and generous  shy even – and was popular for his nice nature. He was a ³normal² kid at school and had a wide circle of friends. Martin was innocent and just wanted to do his best at school and to have a nice life with his family. Sometimes his family thought Martin was a bit too nice for his own good as he would lack assertiveness and was often regarded as a soft touch by elders at school who would bully and pick on Martin, who was usually saved by his elder brother Bray, much to Martin¹s gratitude.

Content with his friends at school and family at home, Martin had an enjoyable life  but things were about to change foreverŠ

Bray and Martin  brotherly love?

In the years since he became a teenager, Martin started to feel increasingly jealous at his elder brother Bray. Martin was the shy and quiet one in the family and felt envious at Bray¹s confidence and seeming ease in any environment.

Bray was one of the most popular members at school. He was intelligent and excelled at his schoolwork. He was fantastic at sports and was the captain of the school basketball team, leading it to a victorious season in the regional school championship. Martin was happy for Bray¹s success, but also jealous because Bray became even more popular.

And Bray was popular with the girls. While he was going steady with girls, Martin in his shyness and innocence found it hard to find a girlfriend. He would blush and not know what to say, unlike Bray, with his confidence and popularity.

At home as Martin grew up, he also increasingly disliked what he considered Bray¹s patronizing behavior. If Bray told Martin off for doing something (as older brothers do), Martin would argue back that Bray might be his elder brother but he was not his father and had no right to tell him what to do.

Martin¹s jealousy led to a swirl of conflicting emotions in Martin¹s head. After all, Bray was Martin¹s brother and Martin did love him and felt guilty at his jealousy. But jealous he was nonetheless and increasingly so. This jealousy and rivalry with Bray was to get worse and the two brothers started to drift apart over their love for a girl called TrudyŠ