SPECIAL VOTE RESULTS on The birth of Zoot, the Locos, and Power and Chaos

We had a special vote in the three-part article that looked at the origins of Zoot, the Locos and “power and chaos” (please see the Pre-Tribe archive to read the article).

There were five main factors that created Zoot – and we asked you to vote “What was they key factor that drove Martin over the edge and transformed him into Zoot?” – and the results are…

The result of the vote is:

a. Martin`s jealousy of his elder brother, Bray = 32%

b. The rivalry between Martin and Bray over their love for Trudy = 8%

c. Stress and anxiety for Martin caused by Ebony`s manipulation = 10%

d. Death in Martin`s family = 36%

e. Stress caused by the virus changing society in general = 14%

So it was quite close in the end but the key factor most of you felt that turned Martin into Zoot was death in Martin`s family. The death of Martin and Bray`s father was certainly a key event and one of great trauma and stress.

This did affect Bray a great deal as well (naturally) but as the eldest and most mature, Bray was able to grieve and rationalize his father`s tragic death.

But Martin, with his existing instability and pressures, found that his father`s death was too much to handle and this was the last straw that made Martin “crack” and drove him over the edge – he lost his previous kind character and adopted the new alias of Zoot. And with forming the Locos and “power and chaos” the rest was historyŠ


Well done to **** who is our lucky winner chosen at random from the list of those who voted!

You have won a signed photo of Zoot autographed by none other than Daniel James (ZOOT)!

We`ll be having more special Pre-Tribe votes in the near future on other issues set before the virus and before TribeworldŠ