“Tour Diary” – Tribe Tour 2003 – Report 19

Dear Tour Diary,

Thurday 20th March 2003

What an amazing day! We got up early and changed into our costumes, had a quick breakfast and got picked up by NRK and taken to their studios. We were met there by our two competition winners that we had met yesterday and they were going to spend the day with us.

It was a very cold morning and we had been told to wrap up warm because they had a surprise for us once we had done our makeup.

We got into a bus and started driving towards the mountains. We arrived at a beautiful little valley that was covered in snow and there were children skiing and tobogganing everywhere. It was magic!!! The scenery in Oslo was just amazing and we couldn¹t wait to hit the snow.

We were given some toboggans to use and we each took turns going down the slope. It was such a laugh because we were crashing into each other and seeing who could go down without falling out. There were a few tumbles but everyone loved it.

After laughing ourselves silly we crossed to the other side of the valley and lit a fire to sit around and warm up. We cooked sausages and chatted with the fans about Norway and how beautiful it is. We even sang some tribe songs around the fire.

There were so many kids around and we found a lovely group of 5 year olds fishing through the ice! We hadn¹t realised that we were on a frozen lake! We don¹t have anything like that in New Zealand so it was a great novelty for all of us. Michael and Tom both did some fishing and drilled their holes in the ice  it was really great!

After this it was time to head back to the studios and get ready for our live show with Etter Skoletid.

We were in a lovely studio, which was bright and colourful and the show was really fantastic. We were asked if we could perform something special. Of course we would we love performing!! The guys got hold of 2 guitars and while Danny and James played the guitars Tom did a little rap about the fans and Norway and then Meryl preformed “You Belong to Me” from the tribe album. We answered a few questions from fans who had written in and then just as the show was about to finish they surprised us with two lovely cakes to celebrate Meryl¹s and James¹s birthday which are coming up soon.

After the show, we headed for the airport  the group split today and Meryl, James Antonia flew to Amsterdam and Beth, Mike, Danny and Tom flew to Copenhagen. Both groups were met by heaps of fans at the airport and the hotel at Copenhagen looked out over the whole city  its was beautiful.

Check in tomorrow for the next tour diary.

The Touring Tribe

Bringing the Dream to the World