“Tour Diary” – Tribe Tour 2003 – Report 6

5th March 2003

Dear Tour Diary,

Have you ever sat still in one position for 10 hours? Well that’s just what we did from Auckland to Singapore. Luckily the seats were pretty comfy and there was plenty of food to keep us going – especially James!

We left Auckland in 20 degree weather and stepped off the plane in Singapore at 33!! It was 8.30 at night and very hot but the aiport was lovely and cool.

Nine of us dragged our hand luggage through the airport to the Transit Hotel where we all went out like lights and snoozed for 10 hours straight.


6th March 2003

We awoke to the sounds of Singporean chamber maids in the corridors and wondered where we were! Emily and Saranne tried some local fare for breakfast but decided against eating it and went outside into the courtyard and look at the sunflower garden instead.

Soon everybody else was up and we trudged our way back to the Business Class lounge where we feasted on french toast and fresh fruit – tropical yummy!!!

Then we hit the shops!! The MAC store came up favourites with all the girls and even the boys spending up big. Then it was time to catch our next flight to Frankfurt.


In the boarding lounge we entertained passengers with tunes on James’ guitar. Plenty of singing and Herndog performed a rap or two.

After 13 hours of looking out at India, Dubai and the ocean we landed in Frankfurt. We managed to find our way to the baggage area and were amazed to hear the chanting of fans waiting for us.

The doors opened and out we walked into a crowd of screaming, hysterical, chanting fans. What a welcome!! We were lucky enough to be able to spend an hour or so signing autographs and getting lots of hugs and pressies from all of the lovely people who came to meet us. Some of the fans had travelled for 5 hours by car just to say hello to us at the airport and it was great to see some familiar faces from last year.


We stepped out into the cold air of Germany and climbed into our tour bus. It’s as cool bus covered in graffiti which is very fitting!

And we set off for the half hour trip to our Hotel in the centre of Frankfurt. We feasted on potato wedges and marinated chicken wings before practically falling asleep in the sour cream dip and retired to our bedrooms ready for another big day tomorrow.

It’s so good to be here and we can’t wait to check out Frankfurt before we head off on our journey around Germany.

The Touring Tribe

Tribe Tour 2003 – Bringing the Dream to the World…