Tribe Summer Tour 2003 – Fan Report – Jessie

Friday 29, 2003

At 10:00am my family and I went to the Hyatt Hotel for the Tribal Fashion Show and our first glimpse of the cast. Each member was given a little intro starting with Caleb. He waved and said hi to everyone and walked to the edge of the stage. He looked a little uncomfortable. My mom was beside herself.

Next came Beth who tripped up the stairs. Great first impression for America! (I love you Beth!) With a thumbs up and a nervous shuffle she joined Caleb. Then Meryl came out (“How you guys doin?”) followed by Tom who also tripped. Last came Mike who stood on the stage looking confused (“Oh!”) and he ran to the others. They left the stage and watched from the balcony then came down to announce the winners. Tom did most of the talking.

At 5:30pm we went to see An Hour With Tom Hern. I was in the isle and Tom walked right passed me (Wow! Corny I know, but it gets better). Turns out Tom is really funny, witty, and a great speaker. Tom even did a freestyle rap on a topic chosen from the audience (love). Wow, it was amazing.

Saturday 30, 2003

The parade was Saturday morning. While on the curb, I was attacked by a zombie in a walker and saw about 100 storm troopers. Toward the end was the Tribe Float. Only Meryl was facing our side of the street and we snapped a few pictures. We followed the cast up to the front of the hotel and got our picture taken with each of them. They were all wet because they had a water fight on the float. They were all really nice, especially Meryl, she’s very chatty.

Caleb was carrying around a drum (he went to a Drum Circle earlier). Beth was fidgety at first, but was real calm by the end of the Con. (And now for the better part:) After my picture with Mike my Mom asked him to kiss me on the cheek and he did!!!! Ahhhhhh!!! It all happened so fast, I wasn’t paying attention! ::Breath Breath:: I had to sit down because I was shaking form meeting them.

A word about Meryl Cassie: she is the sweetest person I have ever met. She makes an effort to talk to you when you are lost for words and is always smiling. The whole cast was super nice, but I found it easiest to talk to Meryl. That’s our Ebony, well, not really.

Later on was An Hour With Caleb Ross. He is a very quiet person and gets right to the point with questions. His hair is a natural mousey brown. When I asked him if he liked it dyed or natural he said he doesn’t even remember what it looks like. He also wants to cut his hair 🙁

Sunday 31, 2003

The next day we went to the Marriott for Tribal Feud (Family Feud). Tom was on the Technos and Beth for the Mallrats (coincidence?) They were giddy the whole time, swigging their arms everywhere playing Rock-Paper-Scissors (Beth won). The other team members were picked out of Tom’s hat. Later, he put the hat on and sprinkled tickets all over the floor. The Technos won the game.

On to the thing I most wanted to see, An Hour With Michael Wesley Smith. My sister and I got front row seats. Mike came in and sat at the table. His cheeks turned really red when everyone clapped for him. There was an awkward silence then the supervisor told him it was a Q&A (“Oh!’) and we started. He looked sooo good, and is really cute, and nice, and funny, and everything you’d expect and more.

Next was An Hour with Beth Allen. She looked a little shocked that people were clapping for her. She gave us Americans some insight into season 5. She also said she left the Tribe after season one so she could go to school, but she got really bored so she gratefully accepted to come back on (“But I’m dead?!”) I asked Beth if she watched The Tribe when she wasn’t with the cast. She said she did because it was her way of keeping up with the cast and plot line. Beth has a Cherry Twizzler fetish.

Hangin’ With The Tribe came next. The cast was supposed to interview the Wam! Contest Winner, but there wasn’t enough to talk about. This led to the whole cast and audience shouting out things like: pork or chicken? White meat or dark meat? Mammals or seafood? So Tom said, “Are you all butchers or something?” Mike asked, “Justin Timberlake: boy or girl?” lol. This led to a whole hour of casual chatting with the cast: “Oh, did you guys read this?” and “That was a great movie.” and “Yes, there are about 50 million sheep and 4 million people in New Zealand”.

This was my favorite panel because it was like we were all old friends. At night there was a masquerade show at the Civic Center and Meryl and Tom were doing half time. Meryl came out and sang “You Belong to Me” all by herself in front of at least 500 people (most of whom didnÇt know who she was). She has such a great voice. It was awesome to see her sing live (a dream come true, haha). Next, Tom came out with his guitar and sat on a stool next to Meryl. They sang an original and unreleased song they made! Tom played and rapped while Meryl did beautiful back up singing.

Monday 1, 2003

At the end we ran to the cast to say goodbye (I was already missing them). Beth was in a sprint towards the door when we caught her. We said bye and hugged her. She said she had to go to the restroom, oops, sorry! Me and my sister gave Mikey a group hug and Tom said, “Gimme a hug!” Eeeee! We hugged Caleb too and went to Meryl. I told her she had an awesome voice and she hoped we could come again next year (we hugged her too!) I just want to say, if you haven’t met them they are all the nicest, funniest, quirkiest, normal, oh and nicest people I have ever met.

Jessie (15)