Tribe Summer Tour 2003 – Fan Report – Nadin


This morning we woke up at 4.30 to catch our train. We made our make up and were ready for the journey.
At the station the horror began. Our train to Stuttgart left later than the plan said.

As we arrived in Stuttgart we missed our first train to Würzburg. So we had to wait 2 hours for the next train. As we asked for another train the man was very angry and unbehaved.

So we decided to shock the people. We put on our tribal make up and our tribal clothes and walked as Zoot , Luke and an own tribestyle collection through the city of Stuttgart. All People gave us strange looks (we made some photos of their faces when they saw us).

It was a strange but also a very good feeling.

Ok no matther what happened we were still looking forward to seeing Meryl and Co in Erfurt. Then we took the train to Würzburg (FINALLY ! YEAH! we thought) In the train was a nice ticket woman who told us to put our tired feet of the seets. And so we did.

We arrived in Würzburg too late and so we had no chance to buy our tickets. We jumped directly into the train to Lichtenfels. There we were very happy that we havent missed it. So we waited… and waited … and waited… for the train to leave with us.

But it hadn´t …. not 10 minutes later , not 20 minutes later…. and finally after 40 minutes to wait a woman said to all passengers “Im sorry but we had a technical problem.. the train can´t leave the station!” ARGHHHHHH !!!!! URGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had to change the train (without leaving the station) to the train to Schweinfurt.

In Schweinfurt we had 4 minutes to climb into a bus to a little village called “Ebenhausen” (never heard of it before…)
Where we had to wait 30 minutes for the FINAL train to Erfurt! But the train hasnt arrived.

After 10 minutes (wow they were really fast this time) they´ve decided that another train would drive to Erfurt…
But then! We couldnt believe it- everything was just great!

We drove directly to Erfurt! AND we found the KiKa studios without a problem. We arrived there at 16:45 !! (our first train left on 6 in the morning….)

So we drove 10 hours instead of the planned 7 hours.

At the kika studios we were really happy that the stars hadnt been outside before. But a girl dressed as little Amber (we knew her from Frankfurt in March) cried because she had to go at 17:45 and the stars wanted to come out at 18:00.

We were so happy as Beth came out of the door. Meryl followed her and the fans nearly killed them because everybody wanted to have the first signature.

Caleb came out taking photos , everybody was emphorical. Then we went to Emily “internet service” to give her our special present.

“Osky” the “The tribe oscar”. Osky travelled the whole way to erfurt with us. And we really loved him.
He was like a baby for us. WE MISS YOU LITTLE OSKY.

It was great to talk to Emily , all the hard train-drive-chaos was forgotten , we were just happy (and nearly cried as we realized that it was all real).

But before we had the chance to get some autographs of the cast and talk to them they jumped into their cars to drive away.
We finally remembered , that we had got present for Meryl , Caleb and Beth and jumped to bring them.

We gave them to them and Caleb said “thanks” in a really lovely way.

Happy and full of Adrenalin we took the next tram to the station , were we were shocked to see the car of the team. We looked into it to find out if its really the same car and we saw a pink heart with Meryls name on it and some stuff we brought caleb.

We thought , that they took a train and went home to a friend were we slept in a tent.

(next day everything went well.. we catched all our trains 😉