Tribe Summer Tour 2003 – Report 10

Monday – 26th August – Tour Diary

Got up fairly early and had a quick breakfast. None of us feeling too flash as we hadn’t got much sleep last night. London can be noisy at the best of times but last night it was as if every man and his dog were cruising the streets making a racket.

An alarm at the hotel went off at some stage in the night which woke us all up and then the rest of the night we could hear all sorts of noises outside the windows!

Anyway, we checked out of our hotel and drove to Heathrow where we checked in for our flight to Atlanta via Chicago.

We were all put through some major security searches – Beth and Caleb were frisked and then all of us had to empty our hand luggage and take our shoes off. Interesting!

On to the plane and we were happy to find that it was fairly spacious.

The flight was a daytime one so we didn’t sleep too well and spent most of the trip reading and listening to music – we had watched all the movies on the way over from New Zealand last week.

There was a really annoying lady who was in our area and she was shuffling cards non-stop. The noise was infuriating!

We were glad to have a couple of hours in Chicago and we had to get a little train from one terminal to the other where we were then put through security again – it’s safe to say that one of the female staff members was perhaps the rudest person we have ever come across so it wasn’t a very nice welcome to America for us!

Anyway, we got over that quickly enough and caught the second flight. We were all out for the count and before we knew it we were landing in Atlanta.

We were met by Bridget from WAM! along with a lovely guy from the hotel and the gang who are running The Tribe Track at the convention, Dayna, Tami and Yolanda.

This lovely lot had put together a gift basket for us with all of our favourite things – drinks and chippies and all sorts! We felt totally spoilt and it was such a wonderful thing for them to do   for us, we really appreciated it! There were even some peach muffins in the basket as Atlanta is the home of the peach. Yummy!

We jumped into our car and were whisked away through the bright city lights of Atlanta to our hotel. And wow what a hotel! It’s HUGE! We were blown away. The elevators are all lit up and hurtle up to the top of the hotel as if we were at a theme park!

We all have amazing views of the city from our rooms and as it was getting pretty late we decided to stay in and order room service for dinner and get a good night’s sleep so that we’re in the right frame of mind for a day of shopping tomorrow – can’t wait!

Tribe Tour 2003 – Bringing The Dream To The World…