News: 25th March 2002

Tribe DVD’s out today! The Tribe DVD’s and Video’s are released today! Check out your local store and of course you can order them online at DVD 1 includes Episodes 1-4 with a bonus documentary “The Making of The Tribe” DVD 2 includes Episodes 5-9 and includes a bonus “Interactive character guide of The Tribe” … Continue reading News: 25th March 2002

News: 18th March 2002

Tearaway Magazine! Tearaway is a cool teenage magazine printed in New Zealand and it has it’s own website. Tearaway has done some features on The Tribe before and has a latest feature on Caleb Ross (Lex). You can check it out at DVD Winner drawn! Our computer has randomly drawn the winner and runners up … Continue reading News: 18th March 2002

News: 11th March 2002

NEW Tribe Store! The brand new Tribe Store will be up and running on Wednesday 13th March! There’s four fantastic reasons for checking it out! 1. There are heaps more goodies to choose from! A whole range of gear including – Baby tees T Shirts Baseball shirts Mousemats Record Bags Mobile Phone Fascias and more! … Continue reading News: 11th March 2002

News: 4th March 2002

Tribe Books Available Now! The German Tribe books are now available in all leading bookshops in Germany, Austria and German speaking Switzerland. So go get em!! Caleb Jacket Competition – we have a winner!! The fanclub competition where Caleb’s Tribe Tour Jacket could be yours was drawn today!! Congratulations to the winner – Stacy Fowler … Continue reading News: 4th March 2002

News: 25th February 2002

UK Tribe 4 News! From March 9th 2002 The Tribe will be broadcast for 1 hour every Saturday at 2.15pm. This means The Tribe will no longer be in two half hour episodes on a Saturday and Sunday. So more Tribe and all in one day!! Tribe 4 is coming to Finland! YLE-TV1 in Finland … Continue reading News: 25th February 2002

News: 18th February 2002

STOP THE PRESS!!!! LISTEN TO CALEB ROSS (LEX)!!!!! There’s just one word we can say – YEAH!!!! It’s true because Caleb is going to be on the Tribe UBB and you can ask him about The Tribe, his music, the recent huge tour to Europe or whatever else you would like to know about him! … Continue reading News: 18th February 2002

News: 5th February 2002

TRIBE TOUR LATEST NEWS –  Wow! What a fantastic day everyone had at Birmingham! Lots of fans turned up to meet the cast and get autographs at Starcity in Birmingham. The cast were there for around four hours and everyone got the chance to talk to the fabulous four – Meryl Cassie (Ebony), Caleb Ross … Continue reading News: 5th February 2002

News: 1st February 2002

TRIBE TOUR LATEST NEWS –  As you may be aware, the Tribe cast are now in the UK on the next part of their tour in Europe. That’s right! None other than LEX (Caleb Ross), SALENE (Tori Spence), JACK (Michael Wesley-Smith) and EBONY (Meryl Cassie) are now in the UK! The cast arrived in London … Continue reading News: 1st February 2002