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Tribe News round up: Tribe Novels, Books, DVDs, Music and more!

We’ve got a lot of news about The Tribe to bring you – let’s get started!

Tribe Novels for 2011: “The Tribe – A New World”
We have the first information on official Tribe novels coming out in 2011!

The first, ‘The Tribe – A New World’ (Working title, but this may change, by A J Penn) is the long anticipated official Tribe storyline of what happened next, after that fateful voyage when the Mall-rats fled the city in series 5. Will they be reunited with Bray? What about the Guardian? Or KC and Alice? And other friends. Or foes?, Will they meet new tribes and above all, will the dream still stay alive, as the Mall-rats aspire to build a New World order?

All will be revealed in this epic novel, which will be available exclusively to friends of The Tribe’s official Facebook page and through Tribeworld, on November 1st 2011, one month prior to general official release on December 1st 2011.

We’ll bring the latest information on this right here on as soon as we know…

What to read before then?  How about ‘Keeping The Dream Alive’ – the book on everything to do with The Tribe?
behind-the-scenes-shot-the-tribeWhere did the idea for The Tribe come from?  How did it get made?  Why did it turn out the way it did (thankfully)?

You’ll be able to find out all this and more in the behind the scenes story of The Tribe, ‘Keeping The Dream Alive’, by Raymond Thompson, which reveals some never before released information both on and off-screen from the force behind the series (original idea, co-creator, Executive Producer, CEO of Cloud 9, amongst many others).

The book also gives an insight into how the television industry works and Hollywood, about the writing process, production, and what really happened regarding Tribe Series 6 and the sequel, The New Tomorrow.

Pre-release orders being taken now for shipment on August 1st (Official publication date December 1st 2011)

Tribe Gathering Commemorative DVD
behind-the-scenes-shot-2-the-tribeIn celebration of the 20,000 member Online Tribal Gathering in 2011, Cloud 9 is releasing an exclusive DVD including a bumper pack of goodies to watch, from music videos to never before seen  footage, ‘fly on the wall’ behind the scenes.

The DVD will be available to fans all around the world directly from and initial orders can be placed right now.

There has been so much demand from fans of The Tribe and we hope more material will be available in the future, we’ll advise details here on as soon as we can…

What about Volume 2?
It’s a question that’s been asked many times by fans who have been listening to The Tribe Soundtrack Volume 1 .

There is massive interest in more music from The Tribe being released and we can tell you it WILL be.  Some of your favourite tracks heard in the series will be coming out in the future, the team is hard at work on bringing this out and details will be posted here ASAP.

The Tribe Soundtrack Vol 1 has been very well received by fans around the world, attracting great feedback (and has been as high as #33 on the Amazon UK albums chart at one point) so we hope you continue to enjoy listening, and that more music can be released in the near future.

Any More Online Tribal Gatherings?
The 13 hour marathon Tribal Gathering, which was attended by fans from all over the world (over 40 countries) was a huge success, we feel, and it was great for fans to be able to connect and share their passion and experiences (and amazing Tribal knowledge during quizzes!)  during the Gathering.  Thanks to all the special guests who attended, and each and every single fan.  The TTO team had a lot of fun putting the event on, it was a great deal of work but very much worth it.

There is an update on everything that happened now on

So… will there be another?  We hope the Online Gathering can become a repeated event (perhaps annual) and there’s so much that can be done.

Other plans
Development continues on The Tribe movie, with Raymond Thompson working on a screenplay.  It would be great to bring The Tribe to the big screen so we hope this can happen.

There are also some other exciting plans in the pipeline, which are very top secret and confidential right now.  We feel that these are something that would be loved by fans of The Tribe – but for now, our lips must be sealed till all the details can be worked out.

So half-way through the year, there’s been Tribe music released, a special feature packed DVD, a behind the scenes book about The Tribe and the first of the Tribe novels is just a few months away.

There’s a lot to look forward to and we hope you enjoy it! 🙂