The Tribe, Immortality and Cryonics

At the end of Tribe IV, Ram’s great plan is revealed. The purpose of ‘The Game’ is to create a population of silent and subservient virts, who will work year upon year to maintain him in cyber – paradise. Where is cyber paradise for Ram? It appears to be the scene of childhood memories, free … Continue reading The Tribe, Immortality and Cryonics


Addiction – avoid the traps Addiction is a very real problem in most societies and has devastating consequences throughout the world. In this week’s Worldview, we look at the way that some corporations and dealers go about marketing their addictive products. This will hopefully make us aware if we ever feel we are being ‘railroaded’ … Continue reading Addiction

Eating Disorders

The topic of eating disorders has only really come to light in the last 10 years. And most recently when Princess Diana openly discussed her eating disorder. There are a number of ways eating disorders can be described. The most commonly recognized two would be Anorexia and Bulimia (which is the problem Salene had). Most … Continue reading Eating Disorders

Tattoos and Tribal Designs

It has been claimed that tattooing has been around since 12,000BC. Tattoos have always played an important role in ritual and tradition. Throughout history tattoos have signified membership to a society or tribal group but have also long been a form of body decoration. Cultural Tattoos Some of the earliest tattoos were found in Egypt … Continue reading Tattoos and Tribal Designs