Ebony, Java, Siva Part 1

Technically speaking, Ebony was not legitimate. She was borne of a fabulous affair between her common-class mother, Adah, and a man named Christopher Rafael, a wealthy diplomat who had inherited a huge estate in the area. At the time the affair began, Adah was married to Daniel Hayes, a rather unsuccessful businessman whose only notable … Continue reading Ebony, Java, Siva Part 1

Ram – Part 1

Ramone Kingsley was a hypochondriac. His mother blamed his father Lawrence for his military tidiness—early childhood conditioning, Sue claimed. You have fathered a boy who is afraid to make a mess. And so he had. Lawrence raised his boy in a shady suburban neighborhood that was host to dozens of other military families. Lawrence had … Continue reading Ram – Part 1

TopHat Part 2

There was something special and primal about these times near the campfire that would always stay with Clive, some secret, primal decision that the Higgins family made, to tap into their savage selves. Clive understood on some level that his life was distant from ordinary. He felt privileged, as if he had been let in … Continue reading TopHat Part 2

TopHat Part 1

Clive Higgins attended one day of school in his life. His mum was careful to drop him off ceremoniously for his first day of kindergarden, and less careful to pick him up. He decided to wander home once the streetlights came on, and was eventually brought in by a police officer to the arms of … Continue reading TopHat Part 1

Lottie Part 2

Lottie first heard about the virus when she was 9 years old. She didn’t understand the meaning of the broadcast, and was surprised when her mother turned off the radio, calling it fictitious trash. Lottie didn’t understand what the big deal was about being sick, or why anyone would lie about it. She had never … Continue reading Lottie Part 2