Christmas And New Year In Tribeworld

How would Christmas be celebrated in Tribeworld? In what ways would it differ from how we celebrate Christmas today? Would New Year still be celebrated in the New World of the Tribe? That is the topic of this special Christmas worldview… THE BEGINNING – WOULD CHRISTMAS EXIST AT ALL? By mid-December there is a frenzy … Continue reading Christmas And New Year In Tribeworld

A very Techno Christmas

Christmas has not been celebrated before in tribeworld but it is possible that it could be now that the Technos are on the scene. Christmas could be celebrated through the Paradise headsets.   Tribeworld kids could put the headsets on and whisk themselves away to Christmas’ past with their families or to a white Christmas … Continue reading A very Techno Christmas

History of Valentine’s Day

The Origins of St. Valentine’s Day Today Valentine’s Day is one of the most commercially successful holidays in the world. The demand is high to buy chocolate, buy flowers, buy mass-produced love-letters, and even make construction-paper mailboxes for your school-mates to fill (or not) with pocket-sized tokens of their now-mandatory affections. The greeting card industry … Continue reading History of Valentine’s Day