Healthcare – Part 3

This week we take a look at just a few of the many alternative health therapies available and see how The Tribe might put these to use in their world without medicine. * PLEASE REMEMBER * The following treatments, remedies and recipes can be dangerous if used in the wrong way and some people might … Continue reading Healthcare – Part 3

Health Care – Part 2

This week we take a look at the similarities between health matters from a sample of ancient times and compare life then to life in the world of The Tribe. ANCIENT EGYPT It is said that the ancient Egyptians were among the first people to have practicing physicians. They are male nurses, masseurs and lay … Continue reading Health Care – Part 2

Health Care – Part 1

This week we take a look at health and sickness. A world without adults is also a world without doctors, hospitals or medicine. Imagine if you had a headache or toothache and there were no painkillers. Imagine if you came down with tonsillitis or bronchitis and there were no antibiotics. Imagine if you broke your … Continue reading Health Care – Part 1

Depression – Part 2

This week we take a look at depression in the world of The Tribe. Many members of the Tribe have suffered from depression at one time or another. The virus and its’ affects would have been a real worry for these people. A lot of them would have suffered depression to an extent after the … Continue reading Depression – Part 2

Depression – Part 1

This week we take a look at depression. Please remember that the following information is merely a guideline and that if you need to find out more about symptoms and treatment , seek professional help. What is it? Depression is an illness that affects 1 in 5 people during their lifetime. It can range from … Continue reading Depression – Part 1

Obsessions in The Tribe

Ram Ram is obsessed with his Virtual Reality world. He is always wanting to create bigger and better things. Ram’s latest idea is to live forever in his virtual world – how he is going to do this is yet to revealed. Ram is also obsessive about germs and infections, he easily catches colds and … Continue reading Obsessions in The Tribe

The Tribe, Immortality and Cryonics

At the end of Tribe IV, Ram’s great plan is revealed. The purpose of ‘The Game’ is to create a population of silent and subservient virts, who will work year upon year to maintain him in cyber – paradise. Where is cyber paradise for Ram? It appears to be the scene of childhood memories, free … Continue reading The Tribe, Immortality and Cryonics


Hypochondria in the Tribe Child: Dad. I can’t get up. I’m very sick… Dad: What’s wrong? Child: Everything – influenza, migraine, indigestion, measles, amputation, and malaria… Dad: …Hypochondria? Child: oh right.. yeah that too You may have heard this conversation before. It often occurs on Monday mornings, which are proven to bring the hypochondriac out … Continue reading Hypochondria