News: 14th August 2001

Series IV latest UPDATES – Filming has started!! Check out this map of Tribeworld?? Would make it a close up but it might give away some future storylines!!!!!! Filming for Series IV has finally started this week. All is running smoothly but is very hectic. There are two units(parallel units) running at the same time … Continue reading News: 14th August 2001

News: 6th August 2001

Series IV latest UPDATES – 1 week to go until filming for Series IV starts Kelly Stevenson – the new cast member from the UK arrived in Wellington last Friday evening and is settling into ‘kiwi’ life! There is one week for preparations before she starts straight into life on the Tribe Series IV! Other … Continue reading News: 6th August 2001

News: 27th June 2001

Fantastic NEW Merchandise in the Tribe store – check it out NOW!! The Tribe Store is rapidly expanding to include the fantastic new range of Tribe merchandise. We have just released details of the latest and greatest Tribe merchandise available to Tribe Fans. You can see the range and prices at the Tribe Store Among … Continue reading News: 27th June 2001