News: 21 August 2006

The Tribe Series 4 – Released today! Series 4 is the next series to be released after the successful release of Series 1, 2 and 3. The Tribe Series 4 will be available from today, or Revelation Films. Series 4 introduces The Techno’s, a range of new characters and CityNet to the city. A 7 … Continue reading News: 21 August 2006

News: 31st July 2006

Tribe Competition! We’re holding a competition for all fans of The Tribe. If you’ve purchased the Series 3 DVD or you have a good memory you should find the question easy! Here’s the question – In Series 3 after KC swears to the Guardian he has seen Zoot – The Guardian takes KC under his … Continue reading News: 31st July 2006

News: 18th July 2006

Tribe Fanclub Auction! Another lot of Tribe Memorabilia is up for auction! Tribe Fanclub Members will have the chance to bid on May’s Tribe 5 accessories including her belt, necklace, wrist cuffs and wrist band. The auction runs from 17th July through to 31st July. The auction is held in the Tribal Gathering forum on the bulletin … Continue reading News: 18th July 2006

News: 19th June 2006

Tribe Fanclub Auction! Our last auction of Tribe memorabilia went extremely well. Lorene is now the proud owner of a Techno top! We will be holding another Tribe Auction for Fanclub members next month. If you’re not already a fanclub member and would like to bid on our next auction – please visit the fanclub section … Continue reading News: 19th June 2006

News: 29th May 2006

Tribe Fanclub Auction! Our last auction of Tribe memorabilia went extremely well. Morgan Elwell is now the proud owner of Mega’s Techno headset. In the next week there is going to be another item up for auction. Tribe Fanclub Members will have the chance to bid on part of the Techno uniform – the long … Continue reading News: 29th May 2006

News: 3rd April 2006

The Tribe Series 3 – Release Date! Series 3 is set to be released on 22nd May 2006! Series 3 is is full of exciting storylines. Amber’s return, the Mallrat rebels with a cause and the Guardian and his Supreme Mother’s! A 7 disc set with all 52 episodes! There are also tentative dates for … Continue reading News: 3rd April 2006

News: 20th February 2006

Tribe Series 2 DVD Release – today! The Tribe Series 2 is being released on DVD today! We know you’ve all been waiting on this release and we’re pleased to tell you that it will be hitting stores throughout Europe and online stores on 20 February 2006! The Tribe Series 1 will be re-released at … Continue reading News: 20th February 2006

News: 18th January 2006

Christmas Competition! Over the break we asked you to enter our Christmas Competition and write either a Pre-Tribe story or a Worldview article. There have been some great entries! So congratulations to the following winners: First prize – Josephine Ryer – for her Worldview on The Virus Second prize – Anne Feliksik – for her … Continue reading News: 18th January 2006

News: 12th December 2005

The Tribe in America! The Tribe series has gone into syndication in America! This means that the series is going directly to local stations for broadcast. The Tribe is now screening all over America. Click here to visit the new website and find out which station is broadcasting near you! The USA site is full of … Continue reading News: 12th December 2005