News: 21st December 2001

Have a very merry Tribal Christmas – and a Happy New Year!! We hope that you all have a fantastic and safe Christmas and a great New Year! May all your dreams and wishes come true! Don’t forget to phone the Tribeworld Hotline for all the latest updates and gossip. There will be new messages … Continue reading News: 21st December 2001

News: 15th December 2001

TRIBE SERIES 4 The Tribe series 4 is coming! The countdown has begun. There are many different characters who you will grow to love … or hate! Hundreds of fans have already been emailing and writing in to say how much they like the look of the newest gorgeous girls and guys that you will … Continue reading News: 15th December 2001

News: 28th August 2001

Massive competition!!!! Fan Club members…win a t-shirt worn on the UK/German tour and signed by Caleb Ross – LEX!!! … You have the chance to win the most awesome T-shirt and hat…they are Tribe products worn on the UK/German tour and autographed by Caleb Ross. There will be two draws, the first prize is for … Continue reading News: 28th August 2001

News: 17th May 2001

New Zealand Fans – Tribe on Squirt! What does this mean? It means that the Tribe Cast will feature on the ‘Squirt’ show on TV2 in New Zealand which runs from 7am – 10am Saturday 19 May. What it will feature is excerpts from the Armageddon Festival in Auckland, held earlier in the year which Several … Continue reading News: 17th May 2001