Tribe 5 – Episode 13

Despite JAY and TRUDY’s concern, AMBER ventures outside the safety zone, on route to her meeting with EBONY. In LEX’S Love Shack, SIVA awakes in LEX’s bed. To LEX’s disappointment he was made to sleep on the floor! EBONY has JAVA concerned – ZOOT is having quite an unfavourable impression on EBONY. To make matters … Continue reading Tribe 5 – Episode 13

Tribe 5 – Episode 15

Two meetings are taking place. In the hotel, MEGA addresses his lieutenants warning them not to underestimate EBONY. Meanwhile, EBONY herself addresses her supporters at the school, promising a siege and an attempt to starve people out of MEGA’s “wussy city.” The Mall Rats watch a broadcast on citynet which outlines their role as supervisors … Continue reading Tribe 5 – Episode 15

Tribe 5 – Episode 16

AMBER wakes from a nightmare in which MEGA takes BABY BRAY. The Mall Rats watch a City Net broadcast of more propoganda of EBONY’s ambushes, designed to turn the city against her and the Zootists. AMBER is aware of MEGA’s manipulation techniques. AMBER explains to TRUDY that she is being prevented from leaving the safety … Continue reading Tribe 5 – Episode 16