News: 11th August 2004

Exclusive Dragon*Con Fanclub Member Only Competition! We are delighted to announce a very special competition that could see you meet the cast of The Tribe who will be appearing in Atlanta for DragonCon 2004 ! DragonCon is a huge event that takes place in 2 top Atlanta hotels over a 4 day period, the Labor … Continue reading News: 11th August 2004

News: 5th August 2004

Dragon*Con 2004 Cloud 9 and Dragon*Con are pleased to announce that The Tribe will be attending this years Dragon*Con convention! Last year five cast members were invited to the convention and they all had a fantastic time. This year there are three cast members that you’ll have the chance to meet. Victoria Spence (Salene), Danny … Continue reading News: 5th August 2004

News: 2nd August 2004

German Tribe Gathering! The Power and Chaos fanclub in Germany held their Tribal Gathering over the past week and had a good number of attendees. They role-played til their hearts content, traded food, and they even received a phonecall from Antonia Prebble (Trudy)! She phoned them up to see how it was going and wished … Continue reading News: 2nd August 2004

News: 19th July 2004

German Tribe Gathering! The Power and Chaos fanclub in Germany are planning a Tribe Gathering! It’s being held just out of Stuttgart from 24th July to 31st July. Everyone will be dressing in Tribestyle, using Tribal makeup, playing role-play games, and everyone will be camping out and cooking over a fire and trading food! You … Continue reading News: 19th July 2004

News: 28th June 2004

Dragon*Con We’ve had a lot of emails enquring whether The Tribe will be participating in Dragon*Con 2004. We are currently looking into possibilities and will let everyone know in due course. A track is being organised and you can view the arrangements at – which is subject to change. Whether any of The Tribe cast … Continue reading News: 28th June 2004

News: 21st June 2004

New Bulletin Board!We’re getting a brand new bulletin board in the next few days and it’s going to be even better than before! It is the latest version of Vbulletin 3.0. This new board will allow all the features to be used including editable user profiles, profile pictures, and private messenging. We’re working on getting … Continue reading News: 21st June 2004