Let’s go back in time… Dwayne Cameron and Daniel James on Pre-Tribe (Part 2)

What was it like wearing different clothes and having a different “look” for the character? “It was actually really cool,” says Dwayne Cameron, “being the same character to an extent and wearing a totally different costume for a totally different reason”. “It was a little strange,” says Daniel James, “but it didn`t take too long … Continue reading Let’s go back in time… Dwayne Cameron and Daniel James on Pre-Tribe (Part 2)

Let’s go back in time… Dwayne Cameron and Daniel James on Pre-Tribe (Part 1)

It is a warm and sunny day. Everything seems perfect. The school is buzzing with talk of a romance that has blossomed between two popular pupils – Bray and Trudy. Bray is a year older than Trudy but they are in love and both couldn`t be happier at the way things are goingŠBut there are … Continue reading Let’s go back in time… Dwayne Cameron and Daniel James on Pre-Tribe (Part 1)

Pretribe: Series 2 Pretribe Scenes In The Making…

The logistics of looking into the lives of the Mallrats before the virus was an exciting one, so when Series two decided to examine a back-story of Martin, Bray, Trudy and Ebony there was a lot to think about. The script writers got to bite into a whole new storyline along with the bringing back … Continue reading Pretribe: Series 2 Pretribe Scenes In The Making…

News: March 2011

Updates on plans and activity for The Tribe   The Tribe released on DVD in Australia by ABC! The Tribe, series 1, is released by ABC from March 3rd 2011 and has some great special features on it. You can order the DVD box set or pop into your nearest ABC Store to check it … Continue reading News: March 2011

News: February 2011

Plans for 2011 and Be part of The Tribe online at the official Facebook page! There’s a lot of exciting developments underway for The Tribe in 2011, which continues to move from strength to strength! We will be posting some updates here on the official News part of Tribeworld.com as updates become available – so … Continue reading News: February 2011

News: 14 August 2006

The Tribe Series 4 – Available in one week! Series 4 is the next series to be released after the successful release of Series 1, 2 and 3. The Tribe Series 4 will be available on 21st August 2006 from Amazon.co.uk, Play.com or Revelation Films. Series 4 introduces The Techno’s, a range of new characters and CityNet to … Continue reading News: 14 August 2006

News: 31st July 2006

Tribe Competition! We’re holding a competition for all fans of The Tribe. If you’ve purchased the Series 3 DVD or you have a good memory you should find the question easy! Here’s the question – In Series 3 after KC swears to the Guardian he has seen Zoot – The Guardian takes KC under his … Continue reading News: 31st July 2006

News: 5th June 2006

Dragon*Con 2006 Dragon*Con 2006 is looking to be bigger and better than ever this year. Tribe Red Dragon along with the Girls of 4218 have managed to get some of your favourite cast members along this year. Matt Robinson and Tom Hern will return for this years gathering, and everyone is thrilled that Laura Wilson … Continue reading News: 5th June 2006

News: 24th October 2005

Cast Birthdays! Dwayne Cameron (Bray) and Damon Andrews (Guardian) both celebrate their birthdays on 28th October! We hope they both have a fantastic day. You can send your birthday wishes to dwaynecameron@entercloud9.com anddamonandrews@entercloud9.comThe New Tomorrow Cloud 9’s latest series The New Tomorrow is screening in Australia and the United Kingdom and there’s lots of great feedback … Continue reading News: 24th October 2005

News: 26th October 2004

Birthday Wishes! Happy Birthday to Dwayne Cameron (Bray) and Damon Andrews (The Guardian) who both celebrate their birthday on 28th October. If you want to send your birthday wishes to Dwayne or Damon emaildwaynecameron@entercloud9.com ordamonandrews@entercloud9.com Fanclub Member Only Competition Tribe Fanclub members take a look at the latest Tribe Fanclub Online Newsletter to enter the … Continue reading News: 26th October 2004