News: 25 October 1999

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION OR WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT BRAY (DWAYNE CAMERON)? Well, do you? Now’s your chance! Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) will be giving an interview shortly to a member of the Cloud 9 team that will be recorded and available as a download on the new Tribeworld website (now in the final … Continue reading News: 25 October 1999

News: 10th October 1999

EXCLUSIVE – Worldwide premiere of The Making Of The Tribe Documentary For fans in the UK, we are pleased to advise that Channel 5 will be broadcasting the Making of The Tribe Documentary at the end of this month! This is a special behind the scenes look at how the Tribe is made, and fans … Continue reading News: 10th October 1999

News: 4 October 1999

THE TRIBE AND TIME OFF On the weekend, Sarah Major (PATSY) and Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu (CLOE) flew to visit their families. Victoria Spence (SALENE) enjoyed a visit from her parents who flew to the Cloud 9 production centre and stayed the weekend nearby. The other members of cast relaxed over the weekend and enjoyed a concert … Continue reading News: 4 October 1999


How important are your looks to you in regard to your girlfriend? Well, it’s a tough one isn’t it? To be totally honest this is how I look at it. My girlfriend has to be the most beautiful girl (to me) in the world. This doesn’t mean she’ll be your classic super-model or something because … Continue reading TOM HERN (RAM) INTERVIEW ON ROMANCE