News: June 2007

Tribe wins best foreign series award! There was excitement for all the cast and crew last week when they were advised that fans in Sweden had voted The Tribe as the best foreign series in their SVT’s Bobsta awards. Caleb Ross, who plays Lex, and Joseph Crawford, who plays Darryl, accepted the award via a … Continue reading News: June 2007

News: 29th August 2005

New German Tribe Book! There’s another German Tribe Book in the making! Book 13 – Lex : Heart on Fire follows Lex from the beginning where Ryan, Zandra and himself arrived at the mall. His advances on Zandra, Taisan, and the sad death and disappearance of them both. Eventually Lex finds love a third time … Continue reading News: 29th August 2005

News: 13th April 2005

Update – A New Tomorrow Caleb Ross was in the office last week helping out with a casting session. He helped some of the kids with their lines and through the casting audition. It looks like he’ll also be helping out on the new series in another role as well – we’ll keep you posted. … Continue reading News: 13th April 2005

News: 31st May 2004

Cast Chat with Caleb Ross! Caleb (Lex) was at Cloud 9 Studios this morning for a live cast chat with fans from around the world! Many fans logged in with hundreds of questions for the Tribe star. Caleb answered questions for around one and a half hours. If you missed the chat or want to … Continue reading News: 31st May 2004

News: 24th May 2004

Latest Cloud 9 News In response to concern from fans of The Tribe, Cloud 9 is reconsidering producing an animated version of The Tribe. Lots of discussions between Cloud 9 and broadcasters of The Tribe took place at the MIPTV festival in Cannes during March. The Tribe Series 6 was discussed and Cloud 9 is … Continue reading News: 24th May 2004

News: 15th December 2003

Cast Chat on the Bulletin Board Thanks to all the users that logged in for the Cast Chat with Caleb Ross. Unfortunately there were a few problems with the board and not many questions were able to be answered. We will try and get Caleb in again to answer some of the questions that are … Continue reading News: 15th December 2003