News: 30th August 2004

Dragon*Con 2004! We’ve been in touch with the three cast members going to Dragon*Con and they’re all very excited about the upcoming trip. All their costumes and makeup are packed and ready to go and they’re practising their “How ya’ll doing?” which is common in Atlanta as we found out last year. Dragon*Con runs from … Continue reading News: 30th August 2004

News: 19th August 2004

Winner of the DragonCon Fanclub Competition! Congratulations to Lauren Moore of Little Rock, USA for winning the DragonCon Fanclub Competition! She has won 2 four day passes to the convention! In addition she has win 2 tickets to the Gala Awards banquet where she will be sitting at a table with Danny, Tori and Matt. … Continue reading News: 19th August 2004

News: 11th August 2004

Exclusive Dragon*Con Fanclub Member Only Competition! We are delighted to announce a very special competition that could see you meet the cast of The Tribe who will be appearing in Atlanta for DragonCon 2004 ! DragonCon is a huge event that takes place in 2 top Atlanta hotels over a 4 day period, the Labor … Continue reading News: 11th August 2004

News: 10th May 2004

Matt Robinson’s Birthday! It’s Matt Robinson’s Birthday on 12th May! He’s been working hard in the UK recently but we know he is keen to come back to this side of the world to do some more filming! If you would like to send your wishes to Matt please email Tribe Summer Tour Video! We … Continue reading News: 10th May 2004

News: 11th August 2003

Congratulations! Congratulations to Duncan Rogers!! He has won our Fanclub Competition to have lunch with the cast while they’re in London! The question you had to answer to be in the draw was: What does UNICEF stand for? And the answer is United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. Congratulations again Duncan and we hope you … Continue reading News: 11th August 2003

News: 27th March 2003

Cast Interview with B Line Magazine B Line Magazine are going to be interviewing the cast this Friday in Bradford. They’ve invited readers to post questions on their website, see link below: SLADE JOINS THE TRIBE TOUR 2003 Slade one of the newest Tribe Series 5 charactor played by Matt Robinson is joining the … Continue reading News: 27th March 2003

Matt Robinson (Slade) Vital Statistics!

Date of Birth: Matt – 12th May 1976 Star Sign: Matt – Taurus Country of Birth: Matt – United Kingdom Natural Hair Colour: Matt – Brown Height: Matt – 5′ 8″ – no really! Shoe size: Matt – 8 Glasses or contacts: Matt – Neither Where do you live: Matt – Reading, United Kingdom Do … Continue reading Matt Robinson (Slade) Vital Statistics!

Matt Robinson (Slade) on Childhood

Matt – All of them Favourite holiday as a child? Matt – Going to Minorca with Mum and Dad Favourite game as a child? Matt – Boggle and the Donkey Card Game Do you remember your first day at school? Matt – Yep and mix or fear and excitement Did you have many childhood parties? … Continue reading Matt Robinson (Slade) on Childhood