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Welcome to the launch of the Tribe collectables pages!  Here you’ll find some Tribe memorabilia direct from the Cloud 9 warehouses that we are able to make available exclusively on

There’s a range of limited edition, rare souvenirs from The Tribe and you can browse through the collection by clicking on the photos below.  If you would like to buy any of these items before they disappear forever, you can easily do this through a credit card or Paypal (click one of the photo links below where you will see how to buy each item).  Once these items have gone, they will no longer be available.  They are true collector’s items for fans of The Tribe to obtain and cherish forever! 🙂


revelations-crew-beanieTribe Collectables: Revelations Crew Beanie
An exclusive item made for the crew of the program, Revelations…The Initial Journey featuring gold embroidered lettering on the front ‘Revelations Crew’. One size fits most.

atlantis high postcard setTribe Collectables: Atlantis High Postcard Set
Eight colour postcards of your favourite Atlantis High characters, including Giles (Michael Wesley Smith), Antonia (Victoria Spence), Josh (Lee Donaghue) and Jet (Laura Wilson).

atlantis high bandanaTribe Collectables: Atlantis High Logo Bandana
It’s gonna be hot, hot, hot! Wrap this bandana around your head, slap on some sunscreen and be ready for Mr. Sunshine. Measuring approximately 50cms x 50cms.


Tribe Thermal Travel Mug FrontTribe Collectables: Tribe Logo Thermal Travel Mug
Black plastic travel mug with handle and a safety lid for non-spillage. Featuring a silver Tribe logo and website details. Ideal for enjoying hot or cold beverages while you watch The Tribe!


Tribe Female T-shirt FrontTribe Collectables: Tribe Logo Women’s T-shirt
Limited edition Tribe on Tour women’s white t-shirt with embroidered Tribe logo on front and unique ‘Bringing the Dream to the World’ embroidered on the back.

Tribe Baseball Cap FrontTribe Collectables: Tribe Logo Baseball Cap
A wonderful collectable black baseball cap with embroidered Tribe logo on the front and website details on the back with featured red stitch trim and an adjustable sizing tag at the back.

Tribe Starter Fan PackTribe Collectables: The Tribe Fan Starter Pack
A great souvenir kit including limited edition items: a Tribe pen, 10 Tribe postcards, a Tribe badge and some Tribe tattoos!


Tribe Gathering Open Day PosterTribe Collectables: Tribe Gathering and Cloud 9 Open Day Poster!
Very limited edition poster, so rare it’s never been available until now!  A true collector’s edition, a piece of memorabilia from the world’s first Tribal gathering!


Tribe Collectables: Tribe poster 2
Large exclusive  Tribe poster used on the Tribe Tours to Europe and around the world…


Tribe Limited Edition PosterTribe Collectables: Tribe Poster 1
Limited edition poster original created for the original Tribe Fan Club.  Keep the Mall Rats in your bedroom – or wherever you choose to keep the poster! 😛


Tribe Mouse PadTribe Collectables: Tribe Logo Mouse Mat
A Tribe and website logo mouse mat, originally available via the Fan Club and heritage Tribeworld site.  Very few in existence – when it’s gone, it’s gone!

Tribe KeychainTribe Collectables: Tribe Logo Keyring
A true limited edition collectable, which when the last one is sold, will become extinct. A heavy stainless steel fob with an etched indented The Tribe logo.


Tribe BadgeTribe Collectables: Tribe Logo Pin Badge
Black button badge with safety pin backing. Featuring The Tribe logo and website details. Remnants from the original Fan Club with very few now being in existence.


Tribe Postcards Signed Card WalletTribe Collectables: Assorted Postcard Set Limited Edition
Presented in a metallic silver card featuring The Tribe logo in silver and gold lettering on the front and ‘Limited Edition’ on the back, 10 assorted colour postcards from various series’ of  The Tribe.


Tribe Pen Limited EditionTribe Collectables: Tribe Logo Bullet Pen
A transparent red plastic bullet pen (blue ink) featuring silver Tribe logo and the website details. A rare collectable remnant from the original Fan Club.

Tribe Postcard SetTribe Assorted Postcard Set
Have your own Tribe photo gallery with these Tribe postcards!  Sold in packs of 10, assorted colour postcards from various series’ of  The Tribe.


Tribe Guys Individual PostcardsTribe Collectables: Individual Postcard: Tribe Guys
Bring members of The Tribe home – on a limited edition Tribe postcard!  Choose your favourite character’s colour postcard from the drop-down menu.

Tribe Postcards Individual GirlsTribe Collectables: Individual Postcard: Tribe Girls
Girl power on display in these limited edition Tribe postcards!  Choose your favourite character’s colour postcard from the drop-down menu.