News: 17th February 2003

A Message from Raymond ThompsonHi Tribeworld, I just wanted to take this opportunity of thanking all the fans for their kind wishes on the occasion of filming the 250th episode of The Tribe. I know that all the cast and crew really appreicated your thoughts and messages. I would also like to thank all those … Continue reading News: 17th February 2003

News: 10th February 2003

Tribe Magazine!The first German Tribe Magazine sold out so quickly and now a second one is on the way! The second German Tribe Magazine is almost here! It’s got free giveaways, giant posters, behind the scenes gossip and exclusive photos that you’ve never seen before! We’ll have more information soon on it’s release date. The … Continue reading News: 10th February 2003

News: 3rd February 2003

Tribe Series 1 DVD/VHS release!There’s whispers on the deserted Tribeworld streets that the full Series 1 boxset on DVD and VHS will be available from March 24th 2003! The entire first series will be available on seven discs and will be available throughout the UK and Germany! We’ll have more information for you soon!! Tribe … Continue reading News: 3rd February 2003

News: 30th January 2003

News: 30th January 2003 Red Hot News Update! As an exclsive to Tribeworld and especially for fans disappointed that some of their other favourite cast members will not be touring this year (although we have been overwhelmed by such a response to the cast members who have been confirmed to go on the tour) arrangements … Continue reading News: 30th January 2003

News: 27th January 2003

Tribe Tour 2003!!Wow the Tribe Tour this year is set to be the biggest one yet!! We can now confirm that there will be six cast members going! James Napier, Michael Wesley Smith, Danny James, Beth Allen, Antonia Prebble, and Meryl Cassie will all be travelling on this years Tribe Tour! The tour is set … Continue reading News: 27th January 2003

News: 13th January 2003

Rumours… The first German Tribe Magazine was such a success that there are rumours of a second German Tribe magazine just around the corner. The second issue will be just as packed as the first with cover stories, exclusive interviews and photos plus sneaky behind the scenes gossip. We also hear that there’s another free … Continue reading News: 13th January 2003