News: 30th January 2003

News: 30th January 2003 Red Hot News Update! As an exclsive to Tribeworld and especially for fans disappointed that some of their other favourite cast members will not be touring this year (although we have been overwhelmed by such a response to the cast members who have been confirmed to go on the tour) arrangements … Continue reading News: 30th January 2003

News: 9th December 2002

Michael’s Birthday! Last Monday the cast got together for a Cast Barbeque. A time for all the cast to enjoy a night together and catch up with all the gossip. It was also Michael’s 19th birthday and the cast surprised him with a cake which read “Birthday Happy, Cloud 9, love team from”. Michael is … Continue reading News: 9th December 2002

News: 26th August 2002

TOM HERN AT CLOUD 9! Tom Hern’s been visiting again and he’s got a little Tribe 5 Teaser that will be up in the downloads section this week – watch out for it! Exclusive Tribe Fanclub Competition! Another competition to enter!! You could win a “TECHNO T-SHIRT” signed by the cast!!! Wow! A runner up … Continue reading News: 26th August 2002

News: 5th February 2002

TRIBE TOUR LATEST NEWS –  Wow! What a fantastic day everyone had at Birmingham! Lots of fans turned up to meet the cast and get autographs at Starcity in Birmingham. The cast were there for around four hours and everyone got the chance to talk to the fabulous four – Meryl Cassie (Ebony), Caleb Ross … Continue reading News: 5th February 2002

News: 1st February 2002

TRIBE TOUR LATEST NEWS –  As you may be aware, the Tribe cast are now in the UK on the next part of their tour in Europe. That’s right! None other than LEX (Caleb Ross), SALENE (Tori Spence), JACK (Michael Wesley-Smith) and EBONY (Meryl Cassie) are now in the UK! The cast arrived in London … Continue reading News: 1st February 2002

News: 21st January 2002

The Tribe Tour 2002 – Bringing the Dream to the World! The fabulous four, Caleb Ross, Meryl Cassie, Michael Wesley Smith and Victoria Spence have arrived in Germany and were greeted by screaming fans at Frankfurt airport! They have an incredibly busy schedule during their tour and we’ll be bringing you an exclusive diary from … Continue reading News: 21st January 2002

News: 14th January 2002

Tribe 4 massive – it’s official Tribe 4 has had a massive reaction since it premiered in the UK on Channel 5 from January 5th. Ratings have been excellent showing that The Tribe goes from strength to strength with its growing and devoted fans who enjoy the show. We had a poll last week on … Continue reading News: 14th January 2002

News: 15th October 2001

Well Tribesters, we have been really busy! Laura Wilson andTodd Emersonhave been in to the office to chat with fans on the Atlantis High site.To find out what they said, Check out the Atlantis High site This week you can talk to Lucy Gamble who plays Sophie May. She’s the cuter than cute hometown girl with … Continue reading News: 15th October 2001

News: 12th September 2001

Chat with Caleb Ross – LEX coming up on the UBB… 1 day to go!! Official word around the Hexagon is that Caleb Ross is coming to chat live on the Tribeworld Chat this Thursday at 8am NZ time (Check out the ‘talk’ page for times around the world!!) Yes it’s true! He will be … Continue reading News: 12th September 2001