News: 20th October 2003

It’s nearly Christmas! And something to put in your Christmas stocking could be a piece of Tribe merchandise! The Tribe Fanclub are very close to bringing you some new and much loved items so watch this space!In the meantime you might like to buy something through the Tribe Fanclub or through the online Tribe Store. … Continue reading News: 20th October 2003

News: 29th September 2003

NEW German Tribeworld Well it’s been a few months now since Tribeworld had it’s makeover and now it’s the German’s turn! The new German Tribeworld will be up and running this week! We’re sure they’ll love it! New German Tribe Books! There are some new Tribe Books to be published this autumn by Dino! There … Continue reading News: 29th September 2003

News: 22nd September 2003

Megan Alatini’s Birthday! It’s Megan’s birthday next Monday and the Cloud 9 team want to wish her all the very best for a fantastic day! You can send your birthday wishes to Megan (Java) by Tribe 6! Planning is underway for Tribe 6!! There’s lots to be done in the planning stage including budgeting, … Continue reading News: 22nd September 2003

News: 15th September 2003

Tribe 6! Planning is underway for Tribe 6!! There’s lots to be done in the planning stage including budgeting, location searching, storylines, etc etc. And we’ve been lucky enough to have a look at the first draft scripts!! We’re having a hard time keeping our lips tightly shut because there are some huge storylines about … Continue reading News: 15th September 2003

News: 5th September 2003

Wow what a trip! Meryl, Beth and Caleb have been away for a little under three weeks and are now safely home and taking a well deserved rest. They’ve had the most fantastic time away! Starting in Spain with Telecinco and then on to Germany and KIKA and the Tribal Gathering in London. And Michael … Continue reading News: 5th September 2003

News: 25th August 2003

The cast are off to Atlanta, USA! Meryl, Beth and Caleb leave for Atlanta tomorrow and they’re all so excited. For some of them it’s their first time in the USA and they’re really looking forward to catching up with Mikey and Tom as well. Dragon*Con looks set to be an amazing event. Check out … Continue reading News: 25th August 2003

News: 19th August 2003

Meryl, Caleb and Beth in Spain! Well the cast are now in Madrid and are having a fantastic time.  The Tribe is going to start airing on Telecinco on 30th August at 11.00am  so get ready Spanish fans!!  Take a look at the Telecinco website The cast have been doing lots of press interviews and … Continue reading News: 19th August 2003

News: 11th August 2003

Congratulations! Congratulations to Duncan Rogers!! He has won our Fanclub Competition to have lunch with the cast while they’re in London! The question you had to answer to be in the draw was: What does UNICEF stand for? And the answer is United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. Congratulations again Duncan and we hope you … Continue reading News: 11th August 2003