Ebony, Java, Siva Part 2

From the outside, things were certainly done right. Adah and Christo threw parties regularly, some for their adult friends, and some for the girls and their school-mates, sort of debutant balls for the pre-pubescent. Java and Siva always understood that this life was the dream and that somewhere outside the estate, reality still loomed, no … Continue reading Ebony, Java, Siva Part 2

Ebony, Java, Siva Part 1

Technically speaking, Ebony was not legitimate. She was borne of a fabulous affair between her common-class mother, Adah, and a man named Christopher Rafael, a wealthy diplomat who had inherited a huge estate in the area. At the time the affair began, Adah was married to Daniel Hayes, a rather unsuccessful businessman whose only notable … Continue reading Ebony, Java, Siva Part 1

News: June 2007

Tribe wins best foreign series award! There was excitement for all the cast and crew last week when they were advised that fans in Sweden had voted The Tribe as the best foreign series in their SVT’s Bobsta awards. Caleb Ross, who plays Lex, and Joseph Crawford, who plays Darryl, accepted the award via a … Continue reading News: June 2007

News: 26th September 2005

Cast Birthday! Megan Alatini (Java) celebrates her birthday this Thursday 29th September. You can send your birthday wishes to Megan atmeganalatini@entercloud9.com and we’ll be sure to pass them on to her. We’re sure she’ll have a fantastic day! The New Tomorrow The first episode of The New Tomorrow screened on Seven in Australia on 17th … Continue reading News: 26th September 2005

News: 15th December 2001

TRIBE SERIES 4 The Tribe series 4 is coming! The countdown has begun. There are many different characters who you will grow to love … or hate! Hundreds of fans have already been emailing and writing in to say how much they like the look of the newest gorgeous girls and guys that you will … Continue reading News: 15th December 2001

Megan Alatini (Java) on Childhood

What is your first memory? Megan – Expecting my first brother or sister What was your favourite toy as a child? Megan – My sister Monique was my own little special toy Any childhood illnesses or injuries? Megan – Broke my leg when I was 3ish.   Any scars from childhood accidents? Megan – A … Continue reading Megan Alatini (Java) on Childhood

Megan Alatini (JAVA) interview on Romance

Who would be your ideal celebrity date? Megan – Brad Pitt (For sure) Sum up why someone would want to go out with you Megan – Coz I’m a cool chick! What is the most romantic thing you have ever done? Megan – Turned up in England unexpectedly while my husband was on a rugby … Continue reading Megan Alatini (JAVA) interview on Romance