News: 16th March 2000

What a big month we’ve had at Tribeworld! Although production of Series 2 is over it’s till pretty busy around here. First of all a thank you to everyone who posted messages for Caleb Ross on the Ultimate Bulletin Board. Caleb received more than 250 posts to answer. Everyone was really patient allowing Caleb time … Continue reading News: 16th March 2000

News: 9th March 2000

Hi everyone There’s heap s going on at Cloud 9 at the moment. For starters the Tribe Fanclub has just hung up the phone from speaking to Caleb Ross! Yes that’s right Caleb Ross, Lex. LEX!!! On the UBB Caleb has agreed to an exclusive appearance on the Tribe Ultimate Bulletin Board next week. He … Continue reading News: 9th March 2000

News: 31st January 2000

This week, 20,000 people and Tribe Series 2 This week is the final week of production of Tribe Series 2! Just a few more days and scenes until the six month production ends on Friday 4th February (post-production continues, however, when the footage is edited into episodes and music and sound effects are added). You … Continue reading News: 31st January 2000

Meryl Cassie (Ebony) on Childhood

What was your first memory? Meryl – First day at primary school getting introduced to the class and being really really shy! Not like me is it? What was your favourite toy as a child? Meryl – Baby alive and the hoolahoop Any childhood illnesses or injuries? Meryl – Broken arm, jammed fingers -ouch! and … Continue reading Meryl Cassie (Ebony) on Childhood

News: 1st November 1999

EXCLUSIVE – NEWS ABOUT THE USA We have been advised by Cloud 9 that The Tribe is going to start transmission across the USA on the broadcaster Encore’s Wham Channel from December this year! Encore will be showing the Tribe every day of the week. As soon as we have timeslot details we will advise … Continue reading News: 1st November 1999

News: 10th October 1999

EXCLUSIVE – Worldwide premiere of The Making Of The Tribe Documentary For fans in the UK, we are pleased to advise that Channel 5 will be broadcasting the Making of The Tribe Documentary at the end of this month! This is a special behind the scenes look at how the Tribe is made, and fans … Continue reading News: 10th October 1999

News: 4 October 1999

THE TRIBE AND TIME OFF On the weekend, Sarah Major (PATSY) and Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu (CLOE) flew to visit their families. Victoria Spence (SALENE) enjoyed a visit from her parents who flew to the Cloud 9 production centre and stayed the weekend nearby. The other members of cast relaxed over the weekend and enjoyed a concert … Continue reading News: 4 October 1999