Depression – Part 2

This week we take a look at depression in the world of The Tribe. Many members of the Tribe have suffered from depression at one time or another. The virus and its’ affects would have been a real worry for these people. A lot of them would have suffered depression to an extent after the … Continue reading Depression – Part 2

The Guardian Part 2

Ward 27 was dark and dank with the smell of death and David looked so out of place in the creaky old hospital bed. Jaffa held on tightly to his mother’s hand and they looked on in disbelief and growing horror as David drew his last few breaths. Sheila couldn’t understand how her husband could … Continue reading The Guardian Part 2

The Guardian Part 1

Jaffa’s bedroom would have told anybody what kind of person he was. There were books everywhere and the titles were those that only a true academic would be interested in. Physics, psychology and philosophy were well covered and there were also more than a few piles of mathematical books lying around. The walls had several … Continue reading The Guardian Part 1

Pretribe: Trauma

Over the last few ‘pre tribes’ we have taken a look at the many mysteries surrounding the Tribe – from Pandorax, the virus, the President’s broadcast, and more! This week we examine different reactions in The Tribe to overwhelming trauma. *Trauma and how different characters in The Tribe dealt with it.* The most horrendous situation … Continue reading Pretribe: Trauma

News: 24th October 2005

Cast Birthdays! Dwayne Cameron (Bray) and Damon Andrews (Guardian) both celebrate their birthdays on 28th October! We hope they both have a fantastic day. You can send your birthday wishes to anddamonandrews@entercloud9.comThe New Tomorrow Cloud 9’s latest series The New Tomorrow is screening in Australia and the United Kingdom and there’s lots of great feedback … Continue reading News: 24th October 2005

News: 26th October 2004

Birthday Wishes! Happy Birthday to Dwayne Cameron (Bray) and Damon Andrews (The Guardian) who both celebrate their birthday on 28th October. If you want to send your birthday wishes to Dwayne or Damon Fanclub Member Only Competition Tribe Fanclub members take a look at the latest Tribe Fanclub Online Newsletter to enter the … Continue reading News: 26th October 2004

News: 18th September 2000

Tribe Questionnaire You may have noticed there is an online questionnaire to do with The Tribe and the Official Tribe website, Tribeworld. We try our very best to make Tribeworld be as good as it can be and the questionnaire asks some questions to the people who matter most – fans and viewers of The … Continue reading News: 18th September 2000

News: 27 September 1999

THE TRIBE ON THE WEEKEND On the weekend, Dwayne Cameron (BRAY), Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu (CHLOE), and Sarah Major (PATSY) went home to visit their families before returning to the Cloud 9 production center to resume filming. Victoria Spence`s friend visited and stayed with Victoria at her houseparent and chaperones` house near the Cloud 9 production centre … Continue reading News: 27 September 1999