Caleb Ross (Lex) and Beth Allen (Amber) Look into the Past…

Interview: Caleb Ross and Beth Allen Look into the Past If you could spend a day in any time period, which one would it be and why? What do you think you would learn most from the experience? Caleb Ross – I’d say somewhere between 12 and 14 billion years ago,not sure what the exact … Continue reading Caleb Ross (Lex) and Beth Allen (Amber) Look into the Past…

News: 12th September 2001

Chat with Caleb Ross – LEX coming up on the UBB… 1 day to go!! Official word around the Hexagon is that Caleb Ross is coming to chat live on the Tribeworld Chat this Thursday at 8am NZ time (Check out the ‘talk’ page for times around the world!!) Yes it’s true! He will be … Continue reading News: 12th September 2001

News: 28th August 2001

Massive competition!!!! Fan Club members…win a t-shirt worn on the UK/German tour and signed by Caleb Ross – LEX!!! … You have the chance to win the most awesome T-shirt and hat…they are Tribe products worn on the UK/German tour and autographed by Caleb Ross. There will be two draws, the first prize is for … Continue reading News: 28th August 2001

News: 14th August 2001

Series IV latest UPDATES – Filming has started!! Check out this map of Tribeworld?? Would make it a close up but it might give away some future storylines!!!!!! Filming for Series IV has finally started this week. All is running smoothly but is very hectic. There are two units(parallel units) running at the same time … Continue reading News: 14th August 2001

News: 9th July 2001

DANNY JAMES in the Hexagon Monday 09 July saw Danny James (ZOOT) make a visit to the ‘Hexagon’ (to find out more about this special place) at the Cloud 9 studios to answer fan mail, most commonly asked questions, autograph card signings and a recording chat session for the internet. Even after his death in … Continue reading News: 9th July 2001

News: 27th June 2001

Fantastic NEW Merchandise in the Tribe store – check it out NOW!! The Tribe Store is rapidly expanding to include the fantastic new range of Tribe merchandise. We have just released details of the latest and greatest Tribe merchandise available to Tribe Fans. You can see the range and prices at the Tribe Store Among … Continue reading News: 27th June 2001

News: 12th April 2001

Fantastic updates to come from Meryl Cassie and Caleb Ross Today Meryl Cassie (EBONY), Caleb Ross (LEX) and Antonia Prebble (TRUDY) came to Cloud 9 Studios for a promotional shoot. It was filmed on an almost overcast day (because winter is on its way in NZ) out by the pool. It was great to hear … Continue reading News: 12th April 2001

News: 3rd April 2001

Chatting with SPIKE (Lee Donaghue) First time ever a less major cast member has featured on the UBB. We hope you all enjoyed chatting to Lee. It has been a while since he has worked on the Tribe but still enjoys catching up with Tribe cast members and of course is currently working on Cloud … Continue reading News: 3rd April 2001