News: 13th May 2003

Michelle Ang – Logie Awards Michelle Ang who played Taisan in The Tribe has been part of the core cast of Neighbours for the last few months. Recently she was nominated for the Best New Female Talent award at the Logie Awards (the Australian Television Awards). The awards were held last night and unfortunately Michelle … Continue reading News: 13th May 2003

News: 14th October 2002

WORLD EXCLUSIVE! We’ve been lucky enough to have a sneaky preview update on the state of the storylines for Tribe 5. As you may know, the scripts are being written right now before the actual production and filming of the series starts. And we can now reveal a “World Exclusive” Right now! We must be … Continue reading News: 14th October 2002

News: 14 February 2001

Tribe Tour info On Saturday 17th February Beth Allen (AMBER), Caleb Ross (LEX) and Meryl Cassie (EBONY) fly out from New Zealand with members of the Cloud 9 team to Europe for the Tribe tour! We have some more details here. The main focus of the Tribe tour is the launch of The Tribe in … Continue reading News: 14 February 2001

News: 3rd July 2000

Series 3 has begun! Yes it’s true, from Tuesday 4th July Series 3 commenced production. There’s six month’s of filming to do and that’s a huge production (when you think a typical movie might take 8 weeks to film). We’ll be providing all the latest gossip, exclusive photos , feedback from the cast and info … Continue reading News: 3rd July 2000

News: 26th June 2000

The Tribal Gathering, exclusive Tribe “Bloopers” video, Tribe in Europe news, Series 3, and some Exclusive New Zealand and USA news – all this and more is below… Over 20,000 Gather round On Sunday 25th June the world’s first Tribal Gathering was held during the Cloud 9 Studios open day outside of Wellington, New Zealand. … Continue reading News: 26th June 2000

News: 19th June 2000

What does the Pepsi Chart show, Jonah Lomu, Xena Warrior Princess and Burger King all have in common? The answer(s) can be found below in this week’s Tribe newsŠ Exclusive info on The Tribe in Europe Week 2 Four members of the Tribe are now into their second week of a promotional visit to Europe … Continue reading News: 19th June 2000

News: 12th June 2000

Hear all about it first here in News – this week there is news about the Tribe cast’s visit to Europe, the June fanzine, the June Tribal Gathering, and some cool new content in Tribeworld… Catch the latest on the Tribe cast’s visit to Europe right here That’s right – this is the place to … Continue reading News: 12th June 2000

News: 25th April 2000

We’ve got loads of special news this week – about Series 3 of the Tribe, a visit to London in June by cast members, a competition to fly to New Zealand and be in the Tribe, UK broadcast news, info on the world going Tribal, new great content to Tribeworld – and a whole lot … Continue reading News: 25th April 2000