Name Paul Series Series 1 Tribe The Mallrats Biography Profoundly deaf, Paul signs to communicate. He has an increased awareness of vibes around him, which others can often miss. Though his disability can tend to isolate him, Paul’s ability to cope is often inspirational. He shares a strong sense of mischief with his sister. Cast … Continue reading Paul

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 04

TRUDY’s contractions start coming thick and fast – though LEX still insists she and BRAY are conning the Tribe in order to stay. BRAY takes charge of the labour, with the help of AMBER, ZANDRA and SALENE. Through the day, while TRUDY’s labour drags on, CLOE secretly feeds and plays with the calf; LEX continues … Continue reading Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 04

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 06

BRAY sneaks out of the Mall whilst TRUDY lies in bed, delirious with fever. The rest of The Tribe question BRAY’s recurring absences. DAL enters the hospital after he sees the LOCUSTS drive away with some recently captured prisoners. He is disconcerted by being once more in his father’s surgery, which is as his father … Continue reading Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 06

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 07

TRUDY is barely conscious. BRAY nurses her while SALENE and ZANDRA share the care of the BABY. DAL, having risked his life for medication, is particularly anxious about TRUDY’s recovery. There is still tension from the previous night’s argument between AMBER and BRAY, and tension in the group at large around the issues of rationing … Continue reading Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 07