News: 26th September 2000

Listen to this… Tribe album update As you may know The Tribe are not only great actors and actresses but are also talented singers, musicians and dancers – and the first (of several) Tribe albums is being released very shortly. The first album has songs inspired by The Tribe and features lead vocalists singing including … Continue reading News: 26th September 2000

News: 18th September 2000

Tribe Questionnaire You may have noticed there is an online questionnaire to do with The Tribe and the Official Tribe website, Tribeworld. We try our very best to make Tribeworld be as good as it can be and the questionnaire asks some questions to the people who matter most – fans and viewers of The … Continue reading News: 18th September 2000

News: 12th September 2000

A new download? The first Tribe book? A special competition to meet The Tribe? A new Fanzine? A new live cast appearance on Tribeworld? For more information on the above, read below… Get a (down)load of this! There is a new video download on Tribeworld – as you may know a few months ago there … Continue reading News: 12th September 2000

News: 25th August 2000

Read below for latest news on a Kiwi Tribe connection, USA broadcast of the Tribe, a new Tribe fanzine, the launch of, a Kiwi Tribe Competition in New Zealand, and New Zealand broadcast news! What is the connection…? As an exclusive preview, you may recognise the picture on the left of the famed rugby … Continue reading News: 25th August 2000

News: 7th August 2000

Tribe Music Video and Album Update Members of the Tribe were recording a third music video last week. The song “You Belong to Me” features the lead vocals of the multi talented Meryl Cassie. The video features Dwayne Cameron, Caleb Ross, Michelle Ang and Meryl Cassie. We will have pics for you as soon as … Continue reading News: 7th August 2000

News: 24th July 2000

Live Internet Interview! We have a new Bulletin Board interview scheduled. Monday 31st July 2000 at 8am New Zealand time. For you UK fans that`s 9pm Sunday night 30th July 2000. This week`s guest is Victoria Spence (SALENE). Get your questions ready! Plus a special bonus for fan club members, check your e-mail box for … Continue reading News: 24th July 2000

News: 17th July 2000

Live Internet Interview! Users of Tribeworld may remember that we try to have frequent live interviews by members of cast on the Tribeworld Bulletin Board. This happened several times during the course of production of Tribe Series 2 but we haven’t had a live interview for a few weeks now because the cast were “off” … Continue reading News: 17th July 2000

News: 10th July 2000

Don’t miss the new July online Fanzine! From 10th July the July online edition of the Tribe Trader fanzine is available – and it is packed full of some exclusives focusing on the visit to London by Tribe cast members in June 2000. There are some exclusive pictures and an interview with Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) … Continue reading News: 10th July 2000

News: 3rd July 2000

Series 3 has begun! Yes it’s true, from Tuesday 4th July Series 3 commenced production. There’s six month’s of filming to do and that’s a huge production (when you think a typical movie might take 8 weeks to film). We’ll be providing all the latest gossip, exclusive photos , feedback from the cast and info … Continue reading News: 3rd July 2000