News: 26th September 2000

Listen to this… Tribe album update As you may know The Tribe are not only great actors and actresses but are also talented singers, musicians and dancers – and the first (of several) Tribe albums is being released very shortly. The first album has songs inspired by The Tribe and features lead vocalists singing including … Continue reading News: 26th September 2000

News: 12th September 2000

A new download? The first Tribe book? A special competition to meet The Tribe? A new Fanzine? A new live cast appearance on Tribeworld? For more information on the above, read below… Get a (down)load of this! There is a new video download on Tribeworld – as you may know a few months ago there … Continue reading News: 12th September 2000

News: 7th August 2000

Tribe Music Video and Album Update Members of the Tribe were recording a third music video last week. The song “You Belong to Me” features the lead vocals of the multi talented Meryl Cassie. The video features Dwayne Cameron, Caleb Ross, Michelle Ang and Meryl Cassie. We will have pics for you as soon as … Continue reading News: 7th August 2000

News: 23rd May 2000

Wow! There’s a special FAN CLUB competition in Fan Club News right now (in CLUB) but now there is A BRAND NEW competition for everyone as well to have lunch with the Tribe, important NZ Tribal Gathering info, news about TRIBE BOOKS, Series 3 latest, UK broadcast news, your Tribe Style – and more… Meet … Continue reading News: 23rd May 2000