News: 9th November 2001

WORLD EXCLUSIVE TRIBE 4 VIDEO CLIP!! Oooo the countdown is on! Not too long to go until Tribe 4 starts hitting television screens around the world!! We know loads of fans and viewers are excited and eagerly anticipating what happens – and we promise there are some amazing new things and fantastic storylines in this … Continue reading News: 9th November 2001

News: 21 December 2000

END OF PRODUCTION TRIBE SERIES III The Post Production crew continue to work long after filming has finished. There are lots of things to be done before it hits the TV screens. They will be working at Cloud 9 to finish Tribe III approximately two months after production finished. HOT OFF THE PRESS! Tribe Marathon, … Continue reading News: 21 December 2000

News: 15 December 2000

END OF PRODUCTION TRIBE SERIES III The Post production crew are hard at work with editing (Sound, Music, Dialogue, Atmos and Effects). This goes on for several months yet. Battle of the sexes, TORI comes up trumps Every morning last week Victoria Spence – SALENE, was a guest on the More FM Breakfast radio show … Continue reading News: 15 December 2000

News: 08 December 2000

END OF PRODUCTION TRIBE SERIES III TRIBE III filming is finally finishing today! It has been a busy week ensuring all scenes are shot, all publicity details are taken care of and everything is under control before cast & crew begin their summer break. KIKA (German TV) Cast were filming a special Promo out by … Continue reading News: 08 December 2000

News: 23rd November 2000

Tribe III nearing end of Production Just as Series III goes to air on Channel 5 in the UK, Series III is nearing the end of production in New Zealand. There are only a few more weeks left and the Cast and Crew are starting to plan their well earned Summer and Xmas break after … Continue reading News: 23rd November 2000

News: 11th JANUARY 2000

A new year, a new news! We hope you all had a great Christmas holiday – and happy New Year! Many of you will be back at school, college or work and the cast and Cloud 9 team have also finished their holidays and are back at the Cloud 9 production centre to resume filming … Continue reading News: 11th JANUARY 2000

News: 17th December 1999 – CHRISTMAS special news!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Tribe! The Tribe cast and Cloud 9 team have now finished for their Christmas holidays – and production of Tribe 2 will resume from January 7th 2000. We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you have a nice Christmas break! There are some … Continue reading News: 17th December 1999 – CHRISTMAS special news!

News: 13th December 1999:

Beth Allen (AMBER) Tribe Talk news! We are delighted to advise that we now have details about the date and time that Beth Allen (AMBER) will be appearing on Tribe Talk! Firstly, Beth Allen will appear live and exclusive on Friday 17th December at 08.00 am NEW ZEALAND time. Please note for fans in the … Continue reading News: 13th December 1999: