News: 20th October 2003

It’s nearly Christmas! And something to put in your Christmas stocking could be a piece of Tribe merchandise! The Tribe Fanclub are very close to bringing you some new and much loved items so watch this space!In the meantime you might like to buy something through the Tribe Fanclub or through the online Tribe Store. … Continue reading News: 20th October 2003

News: 22nd September 2003

Megan Alatini’s Birthday! It’s Megan’s birthday next Monday and the Cloud 9 team want to wish her all the very best for a fantastic day! You can send your birthday wishes to Megan (Java) by Tribe 6! Planning is underway for Tribe 6!! There’s lots to be done in the planning stage including budgeting, … Continue reading News: 22nd September 2003

News: 15th September 2003

Tribe 6! Planning is underway for Tribe 6!! There’s lots to be done in the planning stage including budgeting, location searching, storylines, etc etc. And we’ve been lucky enough to have a look at the first draft scripts!! We’re having a hard time keeping our lips tightly shut because there are some huge storylines about … Continue reading News: 15th September 2003

News: 5th September 2003

Wow what a trip! Meryl, Beth and Caleb have been away for a little under three weeks and are now safely home and taking a well deserved rest. They’ve had the most fantastic time away! Starting in Spain with Telecinco and then on to Germany and KIKA and the Tribal Gathering in London. And Michael … Continue reading News: 5th September 2003

News: 2nd June 2003

Antonia / Calen / Jennyfer!! Three cast members celebrate their birthday’s this week. Calen(Mega) turns 20 on 3rd June, Antonia (Trudy) turns 19 on 6th June, and Jennyfer (Ellie) turns 19 on 7th June. We wish them all the best for a great day! You can send birthday wishes by email by clicking their name’s above. Dragon*Con Thanks … Continue reading News: 2nd June 2003

News: 19th May 2003

Tribe Album No. 2!! The countdown has begun! A second Tribe Album has been confirmed!! The second album will feature new original material plus some fantastic remixes of you favourite Tribal songs. It will be released in Germany in November/December. We’ll have more details for you soon!Tribeworld Bulletin Board A new BB will be set … Continue reading News: 19th May 2003

News: 9th September 2002

Tribe Album 2 rumour? We at have had word with someone from Cloud 9 about the possibility of there being another Tribe Album following the successful first album in 2000. The first album did tremendously well, attracting critical acclaim and success from fans of the show in many territories around the world. Members of … Continue reading News: 9th September 2002

News: 18th February 2002

STOP THE PRESS!!!! LISTEN TO CALEB ROSS (LEX)!!!!! There’s just one word we can say – YEAH!!!! It’s true because Caleb is going to be on the Tribe UBB and you can ask him about The Tribe, his music, the recent huge tour to Europe or whatever else you would like to know about him! … Continue reading News: 18th February 2002

News: 6th September 2001

Atlantis High coming to Channel 5 in the UK – 3 days to go!! Are you ready??? Well you better be!!! This fantastic show, Cloud 9’s latest production, will commence broadcast on Channel 5, September 8th 2001 @ 2.15pm and every Saturday for 26 weeks after that. Click here for more details of Atlantis … Continue reading News: 6th September 2001