News: 08 December 2000

END OF PRODUCTION TRIBE SERIES III TRIBE III filming is finally finishing today! It has been a busy week ensuring all scenes are shot, all publicity details are taken care of and everything is under control before cast & crew begin their summer break. KIKA (German TV) Cast were filming a special Promo out by … Continue reading News: 08 December 2000

News: 1st December 2000

Chat to Tribe your favorite Tribe III Characters We hope you enjoyed meeting Jacob Tomuri – LIEUTENANT LUKE on the Bulletin Board early this week. BIG NEWS!!! Michael Wesley Smith – (JACK) is appearing on the UBB next Wednesday NZ time. Check out the Tribeworld Talk page for times. AND … Nick Miller – (PRIDE) … Continue reading News: 1st December 2000

News: 23rd November 2000

Tribe III nearing end of Production Just as Series III goes to air on Channel 5 in the UK, Series III is nearing the end of production in New Zealand. There are only a few more weeks left and the Cast and Crew are starting to plan their well earned Summer and Xmas break after … Continue reading News: 23rd November 2000

News: 13th November 2000

Tribe Tour and Tribe album record sales! The Tribe album “Abe Messiah” had its premier worldwide release last week and is doing tremendously well in stores across New Zealand. Members of the Tribe cast are on a nationwide tour where they are making live appearances and autograph signing – on 11-12th November the cast were … Continue reading News: 13th November 2000

News: 26th September 2000

Listen to this… Tribe album update As you may know The Tribe are not only great actors and actresses but are also talented singers, musicians and dancers – and the first (of several) Tribe albums is being released very shortly. The first album has songs inspired by The Tribe and features lead vocalists singing including … Continue reading News: 26th September 2000

News: 12th September 2000

A new download? The first Tribe book? A special competition to meet The Tribe? A new Fanzine? A new live cast appearance on Tribeworld? For more information on the above, read below… Get a (down)load of this! There is a new video download on Tribeworld – as you may know a few months ago there … Continue reading News: 12th September 2000