News: 1st November 1999

EXCLUSIVE – NEWS ABOUT THE USA We have been advised by Cloud 9 that The Tribe is going to start transmission across the USA on the broadcaster Encore’s Wham Channel from December this year! Encore will be showing the Tribe every day of the week. As soon as we have timeslot details we will advise … Continue reading News: 1st November 1999

News: 25 October 1999

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION OR WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT BRAY (DWAYNE CAMERON)? Well, do you? Now’s your chance! Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) will be giving an interview shortly to a member of the Cloud 9 team that will be recorded and available as a download on the new Tribeworld website (now in the final … Continue reading News: 25 October 1999

News: 18th October 1999

TRIBE ALBUM UPDATE The recording of the first Tribe music album enters its final week this week in New Zealand. The songwriting-producers John William and Matt Prime are due to fly out from New Zealand at the end of the week and are having final recording sessions during breaks in the production schedule with cast … Continue reading News: 18th October 1999

News: 10th October 1999

EXCLUSIVE – Worldwide premiere of The Making Of The Tribe Documentary For fans in the UK, we are pleased to advise that Channel 5 will be broadcasting the Making of The Tribe Documentary at the end of this month! This is a special behind the scenes look at how the Tribe is made, and fans … Continue reading News: 10th October 1999

News: 4 October 1999

THE TRIBE AND TIME OFF On the weekend, Sarah Major (PATSY) and Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu (CLOE) flew to visit their families. Victoria Spence (SALENE) enjoyed a visit from her parents who flew to the Cloud 9 production centre and stayed the weekend nearby. The other members of cast relaxed over the weekend and enjoyed a concert … Continue reading News: 4 October 1999

News: 27 September 1999

THE TRIBE ON THE WEEKEND On the weekend, Dwayne Cameron (BRAY), Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu (CHLOE), and Sarah Major (PATSY) went home to visit their families before returning to the Cloud 9 production center to resume filming. Victoria Spence`s friend visited and stayed with Victoria at her houseparent and chaperones` house near the Cloud 9 production centre … Continue reading News: 27 September 1999

News: 13th September 1999

THE FIRST TRIBE ALBUM! Away from their work on Tribe Series 2, the cast have been travelling back and forth between the music-recording studio and the Cloud 9 production center with their chaperones and security during breaks in their schedules to sing and record music with John Williams and Matt Prime. The album is shaping … Continue reading News: 13th September 1999

News: 6th September 1999

THE TRIBE ALBUM! Last week, the cast traveled back and forth between the Cloud 9 production centre and music recording studios during breaks in their production schedules to record songs for the forthcoming Tribe album, inspired by the series. John Williams and Matt Prime are highly respected and talented songwriters and producers who have worked … Continue reading News: 6th September 1999

News: 31st August 1999

CAST APPEARANCE ON THE BULLETIN BOARD/TRIBE TALK As you may know last week, Michael Wesley-Smith (JACK) gave a live and exclusive interview over the Bulletin Board. Michael appreciates all the questions and messages posted to him, and did his utmost to answer as many messages as he could but there were too many messages for … Continue reading News: 31st August 1999