News: 31st January 2000

This week, 20,000 people and Tribe Series 2 This week is the final week of production of Tribe Series 2! Just a few more days and scenes until the six month production ends on Friday 4th February (post-production continues, however, when the footage is edited into episodes and music and sound effects are added). You … Continue reading News: 31st January 2000

News: 25th January 2000

Important news – The Tribe moves from Sunday on Channel 5 (UK) to Saturday! We have been advised that Channel 5 in the UK is changing the date they broadcast the Tribe. From Saturday 29th January, the Tribe will be shown as one-hour episodes every Saturday at 16.55 pm (and not every Sunday, as it … Continue reading News: 25th January 2000

News: 17th January 2000

Hot of the press – Amy Morrison (ZANDRA) news! We are delighted to advise who the next member of cast to appear live and exclusive on Tribe Talk will be – and you may have guessed from the above sub-title that it is going to be Amy Morrison (ZANDRA)! This will be Amy’s first appearance … Continue reading News: 17th January 2000

News: 11th JANUARY 2000

A new year, a new news! We hope you all had a great Christmas holiday – and happy New Year! Many of you will be back at school, college or work and the cast and Cloud 9 team have also finished their holidays and are back at the Cloud 9 production centre to resume filming … Continue reading News: 11th JANUARY 2000

News: 17th December 1999 – CHRISTMAS special news!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Tribe! The Tribe cast and Cloud 9 team have now finished for their Christmas holidays – and production of Tribe 2 will resume from January 7th 2000. We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you have a nice Christmas break! There are some … Continue reading News: 17th December 1999 – CHRISTMAS special news!

News: 13th December 1999:

Beth Allen (AMBER) Tribe Talk news! We are delighted to advise that we now have details about the date and time that Beth Allen (AMBER) will be appearing on Tribe Talk! Firstly, Beth Allen will appear live and exclusive on Friday 17th December at 08.00 am NEW ZEALAND time. Please note for fans in the … Continue reading News: 13th December 1999:

News: 6th December 1999

Exclusive! The next member of cast on Tribe Talk is – Beth Allen (AMBER)! Yes! We are delighted to advise that the next member of cast who will appear live and exclusive on Tribe Talk is Beth Allen (AMBER)!! As soon as details and arrangements have been finalised then we will advise a date and … Continue reading News: 6th December 1999

News: 29th November 1999

HAT’S NEW ON THE WEBSITE? The new Tribeworld website has received tremendous feedback, which we at Cloud 9 are all very grateful for. Keep checking the site for latest updates. On Monday 6th December UK time there will be a special new Tribe Style article looking at the Tribe album and the making of the … Continue reading News: 29th November 1999

News: 22nd November 1999

EXCLUSIVE BACK-STORY NEWS FROM TRIBE SERIES 2! We have been authorised to reveal today that in addition to the back-story that focuses on Bray, Trudy, Ebony and Zoot that appears in Series 2 (showing how they knew each other, and how Zoot became Zoot and started the Locos), there is ANOTHER back-story. Series 2 also … Continue reading News: 22nd November 1999

News: 15th November 1999

WELCOME TO THE NEW WEBSITE! It’s here! At last! The new Tribeworld website is now online from Monday 15th November 1999. After months of work involving many technicians and designers the new website has at last been officially launched. The designers have listened to the voices of Tribe fans and have tried to accommodate as … Continue reading News: 15th November 1999